FAQ - Shop Owners

What's the deal?

When you create a free shop with us, you can upload your image or logo, and start selling your merchandise to your customers straight away. It takes 2 minutes, and there's no hassle, stock issues, colour or design worries. Every time a customer buys your merchandise we process the order, print it, dispatch it to them, then send you your profits. Easy!

How much do I get per item I sell?

Well, that's up to you. We set a base price which covers the cost of the Tshirt/hoodie/mug/whatever, the printing, our office rent, the wages of our lovely staff, taxes, bills, our equipment maintenance, and a whole host of other stuff. You then decide how much profit margin you want to make. We default the retail price to an amount that we think is a decent selling price, and will maximise both your sales, and the profit you make. But it's entirely up to you. Just edit your shop or product to change the prices, or leave them as they are. 

As an example, if you leave it at our default sales prices you will earn 25% of the retail price of the product, which works out in excess of 50% of the profits directly to you, for zero effort at all.

Base prices:

UK / EU = T-shirts £11.24 // Hoodies £20.99 // Sweatshirts £12.77 //Totes £6.99 // Mugs £6.99 // Caps £10.75.

USA / ROW = T-shirts $15.00 // Hoodies $30.00 // Sweatshirts $15 // Totes $10.00 // Mugs $10.00 // Caps $15.00.

What t-shirts do you use?

We only use premium quality products. T-Shirts are luxurious softstyle at around 160gms. Both Men's and Women's T-Shirts are 100% cotton. See here for size details.

What's the print quality like?

We use a variety of different print techniques, depending on the design. We always aim to get the best quality and durability we can for any given design. We've got a T-shirt in the office that's been washed and worn over 100 times and the print is still rock solid. 

How do we get paid the share of our merchandise sales?

The next payment date will be listed in your account. Please make sure your payment details, name, email address and postal address are all accurate and current, then you'll receive your commission on the next payment date.

Why are my customers seeing a different price to me?

When you're logged in, all the products you create are shown at cost price. That means you can buy your own products commission-free. Your fans will see the full price.

I've definitely sold a t-shirt, but it's not showing in my account section. What's going on?

Don't worry - we hold off on informing you of a sale until it's been paid for, printed and despatched. In the rare circumstances that people cancel an order we don't want to be telling you that you've sold a t-shirt and then have to email you with the bad news that you actually haven't.

Got any tips for selling more t-shirts?

1 - Add your shop link to your newsletters, your website, Facebook, Myspace.... If you tell them, they will come!

2 - Tweet it out. You're not on Twitter? Really? Why not!? :-)

3 - Send your customers free stuff (MP3s, CDs, tickets) in exchange for buying a t-shirt. Just request that they send you the confirmation email they get from us as proof.
I'm going on tour/setting up a stall at a business expo/running an event. Can you do me a bulk order?

Yes. If you'd like more than 50 t-shirts (this can be a mix of sizes), get in touch with us via the contact page here, and tell us how many t-shirts you're after. We'll get back to you with a price list. Bulk orders can be multiple colours.